Definitions for the NRPA Rectangular Fields Facility Calculator


Cost per Field: The average cost of maintaining and setting up rectangular fields of all sizes, grasses and soils.

Total Costs: The average annual cost per field multiplied by the number of rectangular fields in your inventory. Include overlay fields, if appropriate

Grass Surface Fields: These calculations are for rectangular grass fields regardless of the type of grass.

11 to 12 Months of Use Annually: If your jurisdiction is geographically located in a climate that allows 11 months or more of field use, calculate the values accordingly.

Total Number of Fields: This includes all rectangular grass fields including practice and overlay fields.

Number of fields with lights: From the total number of fields, indicate how many are lighted.

Number of fields with irrigation: From the total number of fields, indicate how many have an irrigation system. This may include in-ground or dedicated surface systems.

Nine to Ten months of use annually: Departments that allow use of fields for at least 9 months but not more than ten months each year.

Eight months or less use annually: Departments that allow use of fields for up to 8 months per year. Depending on climate, location or activities seasons may run from 3 to 4 months per year.

Synthetic Surface Fields: These calculations are for all rectangular synthetic surface fields of all sizes. Minimum lifecycle appears to be 10 years for amortizing development costs


Total Agency Direct Revenue: Direct revenue may include any rectangular field rental fees, registration fees or fees for use of lights that are levied by the jurisdiction agency. These fees may also include any fees for uniforms or other typically indirect revenue types.

Agency Indirect Revenue-Uniform: Uniforms may vary depending on the type of league. A recreational league may include a hat and t-shirt purchased by the registrant or be included in registration fees.

Uniform types: (12 players per team per season)

  • Basic uniforms describe recreational league attire and gear.
  • Simple uniforms include shoes, socks, shorts and jersey
  • Team uniforms include color matching shoes, sock, shorts, jerseys

Agency Indirect Revenue-Awards: Awards are per season and depend on the type of awards (trophies, plaque, certificates, etc.) given.

Agency Indirect Revenue-Officiating: Assumes a minimum of two officials per game per season.

Game Equipment and other Indirect Revenues: If these are known amounts in your jurisdiction you can include them in a separate calculation but they are not currently included in the calculations.

  • Because the data is not specific to the sport it is not logical to assess an economic value for game equipment that would be as diverse as football, soccer, and lacrosse.
  • Associations often charge registration fees and hire staff to provide services.
  • Coaches that receive salaries are often hired for traveling teams.




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